Thursday, 17 July 2014

Top Two Free Android Kids Games to Teach Your Kids Different Activities

GameiMax the top growing game development company has accomplished their name in kid's game. Here we see top two android kids game named “Waxing Game for Boys” and “Kids Washing Clothes”.

1. Waxing Game For Boys:


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It’s time to create some beautiful smooth skin!! Make your skin silky smooth to the touch! Wax off those hairy legs, hands, and reveal their PERFECT shapes! Waxing has never been this fun. Download this game at Google play.

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 Download Waxing Game For Boys

 2. Kids Washing Clothes:


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Hey kids you really wants to help your mother? If yes then start now to help her. In this game you have learned how to wash cloth in popper manner. There are two main activities include "Machine wash" & "Hand Wash".

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download washing clothes game

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