Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Monster Stomach Doctor - Enjoy with Monster Friends and Be a Doctor

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Monster Stomach Doctor is specially designed for kids. Here monster is so badly injured that he need a quick treatment or else he will not be able to do any kind of activities. We have all the medicine and medical equipment that can help the injury fast.

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The monsters were playing game and got injured. Besides some scratches, bumps and spike stings, there are also some broken bones and the doctor must check using the X-ray machine to find out where the bandages must go.

In this doctor game you must have patience and good medical skills to help this monster be healthy again. Use shower for remove clay and dust from injury , take the spike drawer to get out the wooden sticks left in the monster's body, a painkiller-spray must be used on the serious injuries to prevent medical complications.

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Interesting features of monster stomach doctor game:

•    Choose from adorable monster
•    Funny character reactions and voice overs
•    Tap to select from different surgeries
•    Diagnose your patients using depicted real world medical doctor equipment
•    Smooth and simple game play
•    Easy and Efficient tap controls
•    Amazingly realistic surgery game for kids
•    Different kind of machinery you can use
•    Endless fun

Learn how to be an awesome healthcare professional in Doctor Game.

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