Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Toys Repairing - Fun Educational Game for Kids

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Toys Repairing is another great game by GameiMax that will engage and unleash your kids imagination. In this game Kids get the chance to play as a toy repair specialist and repair destroyed plush toys, dolls, action figures, vehicles. It's absolutely free to download to at Google play.

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There are two section include the game such as Toy Repair and Create Toy. In this game Kid don’t fix the same toys in the same ways each time they play. While there is a limited selection of toys, the repairs rotate. For example, the first time the kids see a teddy bear, it may be missing an eye and an ear. The next time it may be missing a leg. Instead of stapling on all of the broken parts, kids may also have washed them, hammer them, or clean them on.

Game Video:

Amazing Features of Toys Repairing Game:

•    Different toddler coming to shop
•    30 different toys such as dolls, fireman, policeman, superhero, alien, teddy and more
•    About 160 elements, which appear randomly to repair broken toys
•    Endless different toys combination to make
•    Different toddlers reactions when receive a repaired toys
•    Colorful and kid-friendly interface makes the app easy to use for kids
•    Recommended for kids age 3-6 years old
•    No in-app purchases
•    Endless fun

Feel free to write your opinion about this game and share it with your friends if you like this latest game. GameiMax is always developed awesome kids game, from all their developed games kids will learn something new with fun. Contact them at info@gameimax.com or visit at www.gameimax.com to get more information.
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