Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Monster Crazy Hospital – Free Monster Game for Kids at Google play

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Monsters that need more blood?  What's going on?!!! These monsters are falling apart! Take them to a real monster doctor and help to cure injury. Make them feel better in an instant with your perfect touch.

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Monster is always scary character for kids. But in Monster Crazy Hospital the toddler have to rescue all monsters by giving them surgery treatment and get relief them from pain.

In this game Monsters needs a treatment, so kids have to play like monster doctor and treat them with use of different tools like a use pus remover for remove pus from nose, use brush for clean teeth, and more tools to cure them from injury.

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Useful features of Monster Crazy Hospital game:

•    Different monsters to choose from
•    Tap to select from different tools
•    Amazing medical tools like x-ray machine, oxygen mask
•    Diagnose the monster with different tools
•    Designed with beautiful graphics
•    Smooth and fun game play
•    Easy and efficient drag over
•    Download this fun game and become doctor today

This game is really cute, with the adorable little stick monsters.

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