Friday, 29 August 2014

Latest Android Kids Game - Download It Absolutely Free at Google Play

GameiMax the top leading game development company is expertise to develop Kids Game. They always developed addictive games for kids where they get knowledge of different surgeries in fun way. They recently launched three amazing games for kids one of them is "Nail Doctor 3", second "Little Skin Hospital" and "Little Baby bed time".

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1. Nail Doctor 3:


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Nail Doctor 3 it's so fun and very addicting game. Here some adorable kids are badly injured and need doctor in urgent. So it's time for being doctor to treat those kids limbs and give them proper treatment using different medicals tools available in game.




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download nail doctor 3 game


2. Little Skin Hospital:


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Little Skin Hospital is fun and informative game for kids. In this game some little kids had by mistake applied septic makeup and got caught with skin problems like hair growth, pimple, and acne. So let’s care those kids at your clinic in Little Skin Hospital game.




free kids game

download littke skin hospital game


3. Little Baby Bed Time:

latest android game


Here in this game you get chance to help adorable babies in their bedtime activities. You will also Learn and explore the full-ledge experience of bed routine with 2 adorable babies and 4 different activities. It's completely free to download at Google play.





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download little baby bed time game

Feel free to write your opinion about these games and share it with your friends if you like these latest games. GameiMax is most exciting game development company and their talented developers always develop fabulous kid’s game.

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