Monday, 25 August 2014

Top Three Free Android Kids Games to Teach Your Kids Different Activities

GameiMax is very popular for developing games for Kids. They developed games especially for children. Today I want to discuss about three best android kids games developed by GameiMax and arrived on Google Play. One of them is "Magic Tricks and Treats", second is "Baby Emily Learning Vehicle" and third is "Kids Fire Brigade" detailed description of games is below.


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1. Magic Tricks and Treats:

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Magic tricks and Treats it's so fun and very interesting game for kids. In this game there are some kids had gone to watch the magic show but the poor kids were caught by the Halloween magic and she turned them to animal. Now you can only them and turn them back to little kids. The game is available in two different activities and fully packed with lots of mini magic to make magical potion.




download magic tricks & treats

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2. Baby Emily Learning Vehicle:

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The great game if you want to teach your kids some preschool activities. In this game kids just have joined their preschool and second day they are going to learn about vehicle. Play the game and enjoy the ride with different vehicle. It's free to download at Google play.


download baby emily learning vehicle

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3. Kids Fire Brigade:

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Fire Brigade is one of the most popular android kids game. There are all city have been destroyed and it's up to you to save city!! Save different city location with Use different tools to help those people to escape from fire, and visit each location to save the city with this kids game named "Kids Fire Brigade".


download kids fire brigade game

free android kids game

Hope you like these three games, its big help to us if you write your valuable opinion in comment section below. Thank you for spending your valuable time to read this post. GameiMax have to developed these three games, you can contact them at to get further information or visit at

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