Thursday, 3 July 2014

How to Repair Car Teach your Kids by this Game – Car Garage Fun

kids game

Maybe your kids want to become a vehicle designer? Is your kid a practical one who likes to get stuck into things? If so then this is the perfect game for them. Car Garage Fun Game is a brilliant game which will teach your kids skills of analysis and will show them what certain vehicles consist, it’s free to download.

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This game asks the player to build a car from scratch! It provides all the tools for the kids to customize and build this car to the look of their choice. An intensely creative game which provides a transparent understanding towards the basics of car-building; the kid is going to love it! The kids will match the correct wheels after analyzing and understanding why a certain vehicle may need bigger wheels, why a certain type of tire does not fit on a certain vehicle.


kids game

Interesting Features of Car Garage Fun game:
  • Wash your vehicle
  • Fill air in wheels
  • Fill Fuel and Oil
  • Remove Dents from vehicle
  • Change break lights and front as per your choice
  • Change color of your vehicle you can make 1000 or more color combination for your vehicle
  • Dozens of different wheels to choose for your vehicle
  • Change window glasses as per your choice, there is 20 or more combinations available
  • Also you can take test drive of your customized vehicle.
The game will teach your kids how a car tyre works and that in reality with fun, enjoy to play this game.

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