Thursday, 10 July 2014

How to give Nose Surgery Teach your Kids by this Game

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Hey kids do you tack care of your nose? Help the little boys and girls clean & clear the nose in this free doctor game. Educate yourself when you cure noses at doctor’s clinic. In this game kids have to play like a real nose doctor. It’s free to download at Google play.

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Nose doctor game is fun and informative for kids. By this game kids learn doctor treatments and how to diagnose. Here in nose doctor game, kids are having trouble in nose and having infection in nostrils, so kids have to treat them as superb nose doctor in this free game for kids. A dust infection and problems that so irritates people. Make your patients healthy and happy again with use of different tools like hair cutting machine, dropper, injection and more given this game.

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Useful Features of nose doctor game:
•    HD Graphics to enhance the gaming
•    Easy and effective controls tap & drag over nose and Nostrils
•    Different Patients to handle with their different Problems
•    To work perfectly with your touch screen device
•    Zoom in with the nose machine
•    Use hair cutting machines to cut big and small hair
•    Clean the dirt with a cotton bud
•    Pluck hair
•    Cut extra hair with scissors
•    Amazing doctor skills for kids
•    No in-app purchases

Feel free to write your opinion about this game and share it with your friends if you like this latest game. GameCastor is excellent game development company and their talented developers always develop fabulous kid’s game.

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