Friday, 5 September 2014

Download Top 2 Free Android Kids Game at Google play

GameiMax the top growing game development company has accomplished their name in kid's game. Here we see top two android kids game named “Kids Farm” and “First Aid Treatment”.

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1. Kids Farm:


free android game


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own fully working farm? Then let's try this Kids Farm kids game which uses helpful harvesting tools, grow delicious fruits, vegetables and don't forget to water your plants quickly when they start to wilt. In this game kids learn about farm, vegetables, fruits that grow in farm and farm equipment. Download this fun kids game and Enjoy FARMING for FREE...!!!


Game Video :



download kids farm game


 2. First Aid Treatment:


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Hey kids you want to be super doctor? Here is the perfect opportunity for you. In this game some cute adorable kids were playing and by mistake they had eaten something erroneous, now they are suffering from food poisoning. So help those kids and give them first aid treatment.



Game Video : 


download first aid treatment game

Thank you for spend your valuable time to read this blog and hope you like this two games. It's very nice for us if you give your opinion about these games, share your experience with these games, we would appreciate for it. You can write all these stuff in comment section below.

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